Thursday, 20 December 2007

Be serious about your Teeth

In day to day life people hardly get times to take care of their teeth or regularly visit dentist.
Most people visit dentist only when their occur pain in tooth or their is swelling in mouth or they just want to whiten their teeth. People have wrong perception that if problem occur dentist will take care of it. Truth is he can only prevent it from getting worst, or provide substitute.

people go to gym to improve their appearance , take yoga class, join some clubs, etc. But they take little care of their teeth. Tooth problem is often neglected and it grow in to big problem.
don't open the door of destruction it is in your to prevent yourself.

Improper brushing , taking excessive sweet, cold drink, Sticky foods, etc
The bacteria convert all foods -- especially sugar and starch -- into acids. Bacteria, acid, food debris, and saliva combine in the mouth to form a sticky substance called plaque that adheres to the teeth.Plaque that is not removed from the teeth mineralizes into tartar.bacteria in lower PH cause dismeralization, and lead to caries i.e loss of structure of enamel..formation of cavities.Untreated tooth also destroys the internal structures of the tooth (pulp) and ultimately causes the loss of the tooth.
you don't want to lose tooth early in your life or have to wear partial denture or go for excessive implant. caries can occur in any years of life.
(proper way of brushing)

Calculus, plaque , food impaction cause irritation of gingiva lead to gingivitis. if not clean lead to periodontitis, pocket formation causes destruction of surrounding structure of tooth. causes cause loosening of tooth lead early fall of teeth.

Bad habit such as thumb sucking , biting of nail can lead to Malocclusion. unplaced tooth causes injury to the surrounding structure, prone to fracture, difficulties in mastication,
malocclusion can congenital it should be treated early in life.

Bad habit of smoking ,tobacco
development of oral cancer, tongue cancer, lip cancer.

help your self.. don't shorten your life
Remember, you don't feel it that doesn't mean your free from disease.

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